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May 15, 2007

Fondant cakes

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These are the two cakes I baked recently. The first one for my daughter’s birthday and second one for her party the following weekend. This was my first experience with fondant icing…actually any kind of icing. I have hopelessly tried royal and buttercream icing with tips and have decided that it is not my piece of cake:) Fondant seemed so much more forgiving and easier to work with. I made the marshmellow fondant from here and baked up this cake on my daughter’s birthday.



I messed up the writing and did not like the orange color for the fonts after it was all done. My reference cakes
– for the daisies was this (scroll right down).
– and the border was this.

I got a little more courageous with my second venture and took the idea from here.



Frankly, I did surprise myself with the way the animals turned out. The trees gave me a hard time, so I turned them into bushes:) No points for guessing why they are behind the animals and why the candle is on top of the bushes:)))

img_0611.jpg img_0610.jpg

If you are wondering what the sticks are, they were supposed to be the trunks for the trees, but ended up in the trash can prematurely.

On the whole I did enjoy making the animals and Ananya loved the fact that I actually gave her the eeefant, jeeba, beea and yanon (elephant, zebra, bear and lion) to play with after the party was done.

As Asha suggested, I am sending my first cake to Coffee’s MBP, Something Sweet


April 11, 2007

Black Forest Cake

A peek at the cake I baked for H’s birthday last weekend!


I got the recipe for the icing and filling from here:
Few changes I made:

1. I used the Betty Crocker german chocolate cake mix and baked according to package instructions. The mix called for 1 1/3 cups of water. I used 1 cup of cherry syrup and 1/3rd cup of water instead.

2. I could not find bing cherries. So, i just substituted them with he cherries I got at my local grocery store.

3. Used cherry syrup that comes with the cherries instead of Kirshwasser for sprinkling on the cake, the filling and the icing.

4. Added chopped cherries in the filling.

5. Added 2 tsp of Milk Powder while whipping the cream (A tip from the reviews on the cake).

6. Used Hershey’s milk chocolate for the garnish.

VACATION TIME!!! Will be back right in time for a tamilnadu entry.

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