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February 8, 2007

5 things the world doesnt know about me!

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1. Let me start with something my blogger friends don’t know about me. I am an Environmental engineer approaching the big 3-0. Yeah, that feels old. Crossing 25 did’nt feel that bad. From, a career oriented graduate in search of a challenging job 5 years back, I have now transformed into a wife and a mom, whose priorities have changed for good. I still work and sure I love my job, but more so because it is not challenging and allows me to spare the time I need for my family.

2. I hate football. Yes! I cant stand the game and can’t get myself to watch it. Americans give me wierd looks and/or are offended when I tell them this and I can very well understand their sentiments. Football to Americans, is like cricket to Indians.  It runs in their blood! I would hate it if anyone speaks ill of cricket. Sadly though, I just find the game too rough for my likings. I am sure a lot of you may be shaking your head in disgust right now, but if it makes you feel any better – I hate rugby too 😀

3. I have rotten molars. Yeah,  I never brushed ‘twice a day’ as a kid, how much ever my mother begged and pleaded and then my teeth bore the brunt of eating all those chocolates  at bedtime. 2 root canals and 4 fillings at age 15! The good part is,  I can now show my daughter what could happen to her teeth if she didn’t take care of them well.

4. I love gazing at stars on a clear night. I feel, there is nothing more breathtaking than the beauty of the black sky sprinkled with glittering stars. Oh! how I miss our terrace back home.

5. I hate snakes and I hate driving at night. What’s the connection? I often have this thought – What do I do,  if I find a snake in my car while driving on a freeway at night? It gives me the creeps. Dont laugh now, give me a solution to the problem! I have not been able to come up with one yet. Keep in mind, I will not be in my right senses at that time.

Now, that was fun. Not sure who has already been tagged and who hasn’t. So, here are a few names I picked just because I see they do not have anything written up yet. Play it if you want to, Prema, Priya, Mythili, Archana and Archana!


September 26, 2006


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by Manasi for ‘Five things to eat before I die’. Thanks Manasi! Given a choice I would rather say – ‘Five things to eat during my lifetime’. It means the same thing, you may say. But hey! in my defence I am not the only person who has said so! At least 5 of my fellow bloggers have said they dont want to die so soon. My mothers food is the first I can think of, but I know this is a list of specific food items and amma’s food is a list in itself. So, apart from my amma’s, patti’s and now my mother-in-laws food, these are my favourites:

1. Pani poori at a lorry-stall called ‘Jai Hanuman chat bhandar’ at a bus-stop near my school in Hyderabad. I have missed buses to eat there with a good friend of mine. Those were days when we used to get 12 poories for a Rupee.

2. Masala chai at a small stall outside our college in Baroda. Our department was on the Baroda highway and apart from our gang of friends, the only other visitors the stall had were lorry drivers.

3. Elaichi Doodh at a small store (I dont remember the name) at Baroda in Fatehgunj. My best friend and I have many fond memories of our time spent chit-chatting there.

4. Mushroom quesadillas at Trudy’s in Austin, TX. Located on 30th street near the UT campus, they serve the most amazing Mexican food. I can just live on their chips and salsa.

5. Item number 5D on the lunch menu at Thai Kitchen in Austin, TX. My room-mates and I were regulars at this restaurant. It is basically fried rice with indian curry flavouring, some veggies and tofu. All four of us were vegetarians and it was funny how we all went to the table and were ready to order as soon as we sat down. The waiter would go around the table asking each one of us what we wanted, and he would get the same response 4 times – ‘5D and a spring roll’.

I travelled down the memory lane while writing this up and this has brought back memories of time spent with all my friends in different phases of my life. They have moved on with their lives just as I have. I am in touch with some of them and hope that I would meet the others sometime, somewhere. I will cherish these memories forever. I wish I can eat these five things with my friends just the way we used to. I really wish I could during my lifetime.

I tag Maheswari.

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