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January 12, 2007

My Booty!

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Anyone who goes back to India for a vacation, shops like he/she has never shopped before. Yes, when I say he/she, I do mean he too. My ‘he’ has a policy though. If you buy something you throw something out of the house. And I? I happen to be an antique collector:)) This time, I had promised him I would buy just what I needed and nothing more and I quite kept my promise. After all, the airlines decided to reduce the baggage weight allowance and I didnt want to leave anything that I bought. Also, he happens to be the packer (I suck at it), so nothing can be sneaked in without his notice.

I told him, we need a mixie – a good one that can grind well with less water. My chutneys, thugayals and vadais dont look the way they are supposed to. They just turn out watery and shapeless due to the extra water that goes into the grinding process.

Yes, lets buy one. I hope it is not too huge.

Well, the one I have in mind has 3 jars and a juicer.

Wow, that might just take up one whole luggage. Why do you need a juicer? Even if you do,we get good ones there.

(Pop came the answer…I had rehersed this before!). We need to start introducing healthy juices to our daughter. Besides, this whole thing comes for the cost of one juicer you would get back there.

That did it and I am now a proud owner of this Preeti mixie. Love it!


My second precious booty…a brand new eeya chombu! I have never possessed one of my own. Amma got it for me and boy! is it heavy. Now, the rasams are just top-class. What a difference the new metal has made!


We went to landmark at Chennai, a brilliant book and music store. Bought a bunch of books for my kitchen reading as well.


(Notice the healthy juices by Tarla Dalal)


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